O. Wayne Rollins Scholarship Program

Are you a full-time employee with at least one year of service? Do you have a child planning to continue school after high school? If so, your child may be eligible to apply for the O. Wayne Rollins Scholarship to help pay for college or trade school costs. Fifteen scholarships are available each year. Click here for more information.

Tuition Reimbursement

If you want to enroll in college or community college, you may be eligible for tuition assistance from Rollins. You are eligible after you have worked for Rollins for three months. The company will reimburse $500 per course, up to a maximum of $3,000 per year (undergraduate) or $3,500 (graduate).

Eligible employees will be reimbursed according to the following scale, not to exceed the maximum amount allowed:

  • Grade A 100% of tuition (up to $500)
  • Grade B 85% of tuition (up to $425)
  • Grade C 75% of tuition (up to $375)

If you are an employee of HomeTeam or IFC, you may review your tuition reimbursement policy on your Company intranet.

To learn about these programs, call the Benefits Department at 1-404-888-2363.