The Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) is designed to help you realize your long-term financial goals. It is an easy, convenient way for you to supplement your current investment plan with a systematic investment plan. Simply decide how much money you want to set aside each pay period (minimum of $5), and you will begin to accumulate partial and whole shares of Company stock. You are eligible to have payroll deductions taken to purchase stock on your date of hire.

Taking advantage of the ESPP

Through the ESPP, you can purchase Rollins stock through payroll deductions. The Company pays the purchase brokerage fees. If you sell the stock, you pay reduced brokerage fees. The ESPP offers an affordable way to invest. You don't have to commit to buy a specific number of shares of stock each month. Nor do you have to buy whole shares. Just select the dollar amount you are most comfortable with.


Your account will be credited with any cash dividends paid on your Company stock held in your account. These dividends will be automatically reinvested in additional shares of Company stock on the dividend payment date.

Making changes

You can change the amount of your payroll deduction by indicating the change on the participation form and sending it to Rollins, Inc., Benefits Department, 2170 Piedmont Road NE., Atlanta, GA 30324. All changes will be effective with the next available payroll.

Quarterly statements

Each quarter (March, June, September and December), you will receive a summary statement of your account. It will include total shares held in the plan for your account. In addition, it will detail all activity in your account year to date, listing the total number of shares you've accumulated as well as the number of shares and the price of each purchase, sale or dividend reinvestment.


You may withdraw all or part of your account at any time. To request a withdrawal, complete the transaction request form attached to the bottom of your statement and return to American Stock Transfer and Trust Company, P.O. Box 922, Wall Street Station, New York, NY 10269-0560.

For account inquiries, you can contact American Stock Transfer at 1-866-708-5581.


For more information on the ESPP, contact Samantha Lenahan at (404) 888‐2363.