Rollins rewards you for taking positive steps towards being healthy. But we also recognize that if you make certain decisions — like using tobacco — you will likely have higher medical expenses than people who do not use tobacco. In an effort to more fairly distribute the costs of our health plan, there is an additional surcharge for any employee or spouse who uses tobacco.

Rollins requires employees enrolling in the medical plan to take the following pledge as part of the enrollment process and urges employees to answer honestly. As part of the certification process, you will be asked to complete an affidavit that confirms that you will not use tobacco in 2019. If you actually use tobacco (yes, even the occasional cigar) and certify that you don't, you will be providing false information to the Company.

The tobacco surcharge is $150 per month per employee and/or spouse who uses tobacco.

Any employee who fails to declare their tobacco-use status will be charged the tobacco surcharge. Please note, if you certify that you are a tobacco user, you will be charged the tobacco surcharge regardless of whether you've previously participated in the Quit For Life® Program.

If during the plan year you or your enrolled dependents complete the Quit for Life® Program, you can avoid the tobacco surcharge. If the completion of the Quit for Life® Program is determined by your doctor to be medically inappropriate for you, Rollins will work with you to provide an appropriate alternative.

Important Disclaimer
Providing false or misleading information to receive additional employee benefits for you or your spouse is a violation of the Code of Business Conduct. Your benefit elections, including certifications regarding your or your spouse's tobacco use, may be verified by the plan administrator from time to time. If the plan administrator determines that you have provided false or misleading information during enrollment, your claims may be denied or you may lose health plan coverage altogether. In addition, you may be subject to disciplinary action.

"Use of tobacco products" for the purposes of this policy includes any use of e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigarettes, pipes, cigars, or any other tobacco product.