New Benefit Enhancement FAQs

(as of 4/16/18)


iconHow do I get more information about this program?

You can visit the O. Wayne Rollins Scholarship page to learn more about the program.


iconCan I sell it right when I get it?

No, the shares have a one year vesting requirement from the date of issue.

iconIs the paper certificate my actual share documentation?

No, this is a replica of what an actual stock certificate to symbolize the shares that will go into your account.

iconCan I sell the certificate that was sent to me?

No, this certificate is only symbolic and has no monetary value.

iconHow do I accept and access my shares?

Shares will be available one year after the grant. Once they are vested you will receive a communication with instructions on how to access your shares at AST, our stock transfer agent.

iconI have been an employee since April of 2016, why don’t I get stock?

To earn this one time stock grant you must have been employed for 2 years as of 12/31/2017.

iconWhy was 12/31/2017 the date chosen to calculate years of service?

The date that the new tax rates went into effect was 1/1/2018, therefore your years of service on 12/31/2017 was chosen.

iconIs this a recurring grant that I can expect to receive?

No, this is a one-time grant and at this time is not expected to be done again in the future.

iconWhat is the vesting period for the stock?

One year from the date of issue.

iconHow was my tenure calculated?

Based off you original hire date.

iconWhy didn’t anyone that’s been here less than 2 years get any stock?

We wanted to reward tenure with Rollins and the 2+ year for the stock but nearly all other employees are getting the increased 401k match, floating holiday and extra scholarship benefits.

iconWill I be eligible for a stock grant next year when my tenure increases to >2 years?

No, this is a one-time grant and at this time is not expected to be done again in the future.

iconDo I pay taxes on my stock grant?

No, Rollins will be grossing up your amount to cover the applicable taxes to ensure that you net the correct amount of shares at the time of vesting.

iconWhat happens if I leave the company by termination or resignation?

You will forfeit all shares if you leave the company before the 1 year vesting is complete.

Floating Holiday

iconCan I use this any day or does it need to be used on a nationally recognized holiday?

Yes, you can use this additional Floating Holiday on any day with prior approval by your manager.

iconCan I use it this year?

Yes it is available to use for 2018.

iconWill this holiday be added to the Kronos timekeeping system?

Yes it will be added to Kronos.

iconIf I am unable to use this additional Floating Holiday, can it roll over to next year?

No, the additional floating holiday must be used in the 2018 calendar year.

iconIs this only good for 2018 or does it continue for future years?

This additional floating holiday is for 2018 and all future years.


iconWhen is the matching change effective?

The match will be retro back to 1/1/2018 so it will be in effect for the Q1 match that will be deposited soon.

iconDo I need to do anything to benefit from this change in the 401k program?
iconDoes the vesting schedule change?

There has been no change to the vesting schedule.

iconIs Prudential still the administrator of our plan?

Yes, Prudential is still the administrator of the plan.

iconCan I still obtain Rollins stock through the 401k program?

Yes you can still obtain Rollins stock through the 401k program.

iconHow do I participate in the Employee Stock Purchase Program?

You can visit to learn more about the Employee Stock Purchase Program and to access the form to enroll.


iconWhat happens if the tax rate goes back up?

We continually evaluate our benefits programs and will make adjustments to the programs if necessary.